Responsive Mobile Design by Phil Dutson (Pearson / Addison-Wesley)

Responsive Mobile Design by Phil Dutson will teach you how to create responsive websites right

We are living in times dominated by mobile devices. People use them everyday and everywhere. They use their smartphones and tablets for shopping, purchasing services, online payments, for entertainment, for getting information. If your website is not accessible through mobile devices, you are losing millions of potential readers and customers.

“Responsive Mobile Design”, a book by Phil Dutson, will help you to enter the world of mobile and responsive websites – the world of millions of new potential customers.

What was the best thing I noticed first about this book is the way it teaches to build responsive websites. As a web developer with experience, I see very often developers that completely rely on third-party libraries when they build mobile and responsive websites. Many of them don’t know why and how the responsive design really works. “Responsive Mobile Design” is a book that will make you truly understand the responsive design and teach you how to build responsive websites really by yourself – you will not find here a single piece of Bootstrap code.

The responsive design is not the only focus of this book. Phil Dutson dedicates a few chapters of the book to teach you how to enhance performance of mobile websites. It’s very important part of producing a mobile website, because users of mobile devices have very often limited bandwidths and lower transfer speeds in comparison to desktop users. Beginning from conditional JavaScript through device detection , the author will take you as far as to server side optimizations. Thanks to all this knowledge you will not only know how to create an elegant responsive website, but also a website that loads very fast. Your website visitors will be happy and additionally you will benefit in Google search rankings, as fast-loading mobile-friendly websites are prioritized in Google search results.


Responsive Mobile Design” will teach you:

  • what is responsive design and theory behind it

  • how to organize your content in responsive design

  • how to create “mobile first” websites, as well as how to “mobilize” existing websites

  • how to work with various media in responsive design, like images and videos

  • how to enhance website performance in various ways, including server-side tweaks

  • how to achieve high productivity with development tools


“Responsive Mobile Design” by Phil Dutson is a great book to truly learn the idea behind responsive design. The book explains the entire topic in a clear and understandable way. Due to it’s good organization it can be used as a reference after completing it. It was a real pleasure to read it and even despite that I am experienced in working with responsive websites, I still learned a bunch of very useful things. “Responsive Mobile Design” is a book that is definitely worth to have.

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