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Core Java video course review

May 8, 2016 Book reviews 2 comments

Core Java video course

Today I will not review a book, but a Java video course: Core Java Complete Video Course by Cay Horstmann, the author of the Core Java books. If you do not know the Core Java books yet, you can read my review of Core Java Volume I: Fundamentals, the latest 10th edition.

When I learned that there exists a Core Java video course I got pretty excited, especially when I found that it features Cay Horstmann himself. The Java video course is available on InformIT website. I have never seen any of their video courses, so I was very curious what can I expect. In this review I am explaining the entire experience that I had with the Core Java video course. (more…)

Cay Horstmann – Core Java Fundamentals, 10th edition review

April 24, 2016 Book reviews, Java 10 comments

Cay Horstmann Core Java

Core Java, Volume I – Fundamentals by Cay Horstmann is one of the most known and respected books about Java. You are reading this review most likely because somebody recommended that book to you and you wanted to learn about it more. When I was looking for new Java books some time ago, almost every forum or blog was recommending to give Core Java a try. The first edition of this book was released in 1996 covering the very first edition of Java. Today, 20 years later, we can read the tenth edition covering Java 8. (more…)

From Mathematics to Generic Programming review

January 13, 2016 Book reviews 11 comments

From Mathematics to Generic Programming” review. A book by Alexander Stepanov and Daniel Rose. Published by Addison-Wesley.

From Mathematics to Generic Programming (more…)

Book review: Responsive Mobile Design by Phil Dutson

August 21, 2015 Book reviews 4 comments

Responsive Mobile Design by Phil Dutson (Pearson / Addison-Wesley)

Responsive Mobile Design by Phil Dutson will teach you how to create responsive websites right

We are living in times dominated by mobile devices. People use them everyday and everywhere. They use their smartphones and tablets for shopping, purchasing services, online payments, for entertainment, for getting information. If your website is not accessible through mobile devices, you are losing millions of potential readers and customers.

“Responsive Mobile Design”, a book by Phil Dutson, will help you to enter the world of mobile and responsive websites – the world of millions of new potential customers. (more…)