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The problem

If you have troubles with getting proprietary nVidia drivers working in Ubuntu / Linux Mint, you may want to try this solution.

nVidia drivers under Ubuntu/Mint often collide with Nouveau drivers. In such situation the Nouveau drivers are getting loaded, not the proprietary nVidia ones. What you need to do, is to install propretiary nVidia drivers and block loading of the Nouveau drivers.

The solution

First, you need to install proprietary nVidia drivers. You can do this through “Hardware Drivers” option in the menu.

Second, open /etc/default/grub/ and change



GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nouveau.blacklist=1"

Third, execute following command


Fourth, reboot. After the reboot the right drivers should be loaded. You can configure your graphic card(s) using following command:


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