fail2ban SSH on Ubuntu/Debian/Mint

February 15, 2016 Systems Administration 2 comments ,

fail2ban ubuntu debian mint

Is your Ubuntu or Debian server experiencing brute-force attacks on SSH? In this article I am explaining how to secure your server against SSH attacks with fail2ban on Ubuntu and its derivatives (like Mint), as well as on Debian.

If you are looking for instruction for CentOS, see my other post.

fail2ban is a special software that is installed on a server to block intruders’ IP addresses after exceeding configured amount of failed login attempts. (more…)

How to install Java on Ubuntu with fully automated script

January 31, 2016 Systems Administration 19 comments , ,

How to install Ubuntu on Java

This article explains how to install Java on Ubuntu and its derivatives like Linux Mint. Thanks to UbuntuJavaInstaller, a fully automated Ubuntu Java installer, we can install Java on Ubuntu very fast, simply and effortlessly. (more…)

How to fix font problems in printing on Ubuntu

December 10, 2015 Systems Administration 7 comments ,

Last time, again, I got a problem with printing documents on my Linux Mint (OS based on Ubuntu). All the documents I printed were missing umlauts (German characters ä ö ü). In past I had the same problem, when my printed documents were missing Polish characters (like Ł). This problem lies in missing or improperly configured fonts. Below you can find how to fix them.

The first thing to try is to install missing fonts. The first set of fonts to try are the Microsoft fonts, as most likely your OS is missing them. You can install them with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer

You can also try to install other fonts, by search for “font” in Synaptic.

If it doesn’t help, reset your fonts configuration:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall --purge fontconfig fontconfig-config

If you was able to print documents properly in the past, the command above most likely will solve the problem.

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Proprietary nVidia drivers under Ubuntu/Mint

October 26, 2014 Systems Administration 2 comments ,

Server Administration and Linux Tipps & Tricks

The problem

If you have troubles with getting proprietary nVidia drivers working in Ubuntu / Linux Mint, you may want to try this solution.

nVidia drivers under Ubuntu/Mint often collide with Nouveau drivers. In such situation the Nouveau drivers are getting loaded, not the proprietary nVidia ones. What you need to do, is to install propretiary nVidia drivers and block loading of the Nouveau drivers. (more…)