How to edit XenServer iptables configuration

August 21, 2015 Systems Administration 2 comments

Citrix XenServer

This is a short step by step guide describing how to edit XenServer iptables configuration using system-config-securitylevel-tui utility.


XenServer: Local ISO storage on a new partition

February 17, 2015 Systems Administration 18 comments

Citrix XenServer

XenServer comes by default with very low available space. This creates a problem when you have an ISO file that is bigger than currently available space. Today I ran to this problem and after some tinkering I found the solution. I created on my XenServer local ISO storage on a new partition.

To get my ISO available for the new VM installations I had to find some free space for it. I had no NFSes on the network or any other network storages. Creating an NFS inside the host as a new VM (as I found on Google) was not an option for me. Which came to my mind is to simply create a new partition on the server’s hard drive and simply create a new ISO repository on it.

Here is how I did it. (more…)